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What's Handteq?

Handteq provides the best white labeled technology solutions for multi-family, office, and student housing buildings.  We are focused and driven to provide the most user-friendly and effecient technology products without sacrificing our client's brands.  

Since 2010, the Handteq team has committed to building industry leading mobile and web technologies to help enterprises run smoothly.  Handteq also provides custom development and consulting  services to enterprise clients looking to design and build mobile and web applications. 

Handteq is based in Columbia, MD. 

Highly Recommended Our customers recommend us!

"With Handteq, my phone rings less so I can focus on my community running smooth"

Jimi Bloggs Matt Pinto / Seawall Development

"10 out of 10, highly recommended!"

Jimi Bloggs Gretchen Smutney / Capstone On Campus

"My decision to purchase Handteq had as much to do with your quick, accurate, and competent response to my technical questions as it did with the software itself."

Adele Bloggs Michelle Molinarno / Southern Management
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